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We’re always looking for content to share with our community. We can add it to our archive, promote via our regular newsletter, and share on social channels.

Opinions, reports, articles, case studies and discussions. Tutorials, training and tips. In PDF, audio and video formats.

We’re committed to working with authors who bring in-depth, advanced and practical knowledge to the community and are always keen to work with new people.

So, if your content meets our overarching goal – to help the financial services industry optimise their investment in marketing technology – then we’ll work with you to publish and promote it.

By completing the form, we can get a sense of the content you’re looking to share, learn a bit about your background, and generally keep track of who we should be having conversations with.

We don’t have a formal pitch process but if we like the sound of your content, feel that it’s editorially strong (rather than a push for commercial sales) then we can provide details of the formats we have available.

Please don’t pitch overly self-promotional content ideas – why you’re the best thing since slice bread won’t appeal to our community. Don’t worry – if the content is sales-led, we can provide space for you to share it via the Product Directory.

Some general suggestions before suggesting your editorial …

Our community are looking for practical how-to information they can learn from and implement. Ideas they can add to their to-do list, tools to investigate, or methods they can try.

We’re more likely to publish material that fits into a specific FSMarTech community. The more detailed the title and description the greater the chance it will catch the eye of the community lead.

Pitch to the right audience
Our community consists of various levels of experience. Please let us know where your content fits. With beginners, new to the financial services and martech world and learning new skills? Or strategic executives, integrating products to meet long-term strategies?

Use relevant & timely research data
If you’re able to include the results of a study or research, please do. This will help us validate the content.

Word count or video length?
We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been asked that question. And the common answer tends to be “however long it needs to be”. There is no point asking you to create an article of 2,000 words when you can make your point clearly within 1,000. Or restricting a video to 5 minutes and lose key content because of the restrictions. The quality of the editorial is more important to the community than arbitrary limits.


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