Charity Partner

We’re investing back into the community through the support of early years financial education.

When the concept of FSMarTech was first established, a key element of the proposal was a commitment to invest back into the community.  With a focus on financial services and with first-hand experience of teaching, the natural fit was early years financial education – giving young people the skills to manage their financial futures.

Our community will thrive because of the commitment of our members and the investment of our partners. We reward that commitment by contributing a proportion of all sales, plus a donation for member activity, to our nominated charity.  

So, the more you are engaged, the more time you invest, the more we can support early years financial education. 

We are proud to support MyBnk for the great work they do.

Empowering young people to take charge of their future by bringing money to life. Delivering financial education for 5-25 year olds with UK schools and youth organisations. Registered Charity No. 1123791.

Personal Charity Points

100 charity points equals £1. You can view your current charity allocation at any time via your profile. When logged in as a Member, hover over your name and click View in the Profile section. Full details of the points system can be found in our Terms and Conditions page.


Revenue Charity Donations