Building a Better Marketing Engine for Asset Management

by | 26 Jul 2021 | Asset Management

Best-in-class leadership in asset management is accelerating digital transformation. Data-driven marketing is emerging as an industry standard. From the digital stack to social assets, maintaining a competitive edge requires a thorough understanding of the factors that influence advisor behaviour.

Marketing’s mission was already expanding, and the pandemic demanded immediate change. Today, data quality and digital agility are required competencies. Both at the firm and personnel level, increased emphasis has fallen on marketing ROI.

Emerging from the pandemic, asset management marketers expect these trends to continue. Yet for many, increases in marketing resources are not commensurate with their expanded mission. Bottom line: marketers must become increasingly data-driven, focused and efficient.

To help you prepare for what’s next, Broadridge has compiled perspectives from 20 marketing leaders representing a diverse array of asset management firms. This report surfaces critical insights and actions that asset management marketers can take now to navigate the changing role of marketing.


The dynamic between asset managers and advisors quickly pivoted in 2020. Digital technology and data analytics surged to meet the demands of an increasingly virtual environment. Most asset management marketers indicate that Sales maintains primary influence over advisor acquisition, retention and growth. Yet Marketing’s role has significantly expanded. Marketers are integrating new tools optimized for customer journey management and remote interaction.

Most marketing teams participate in influencing their firm’s business strategy. 95% of marketers indicate that Marketing-Sales synchronization has increased. Yet they also assert that coordination must improve to minimize redundancy and optimize outcomes.


Content is still king. However, it must now be crafted to meet the demands of the digital era. Designed to add value, optimized for every channel, and efficiently delivered digitally, the right content is fundamental to client journey management. Today, both the content and the journey must be driven by data and analytics—and demonstrate measurable results.

While many respondents struggle to use data effectively, all agree that it is central to a robust marketing strategy. 100% of respondents indicate that data analytics is very important — if not critical — for analysing advisor behaviours and profiles. 80% consider it critical for overall marketing success. Data integration helps inform resource deployment and supports delivery of the right message to the right advisor at the right time.

Maximise the value of data workshop


The dynamics of engagement set into motion in 2020 will remain relevant in the years ahead. Yet for many marketing teams, technology capabilities are not on par with evolving industry demands. Marketers must become increasingly fluent in the technologies that drive marketing analytics and digital delivery.

For many marketing teams, tracking meaningful, quantifiable ROI is an enduring challenge. Technology primed for data management and data analytics is essential. 65% percent of marketers cite inadequate technology capabilities among their top three challenges. This is further complicated by limited budgets and staffing resources. Collectively, these issues impede advisor prospecting, retention and business growth.


The future of asset management requires intelligent innovation fuelled by high quality data. Despite resource constraints, Marketing is steadily marching toward a more direct partnership with Sales in advisor acquisition, retention and revenue generation—a trend accelerated by COVID-19.

To download the PDF version of the full Broadridge document, please click here.

Chris Chancellor, CFA is Senior Director of Global Insights at Broadridge Analytics Solutions.



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