Category: Insurance

Protect Association

The Protect Association is an information and networking hub for those Companies and individuals working in the UK Protection markets. We are a conduit for our members to engage with key stakeholders (ie regulators, other trade associations and industry leaders). We provide scheduled and non-scheduled member’s forums for debate and discussion about topical issues and subjects. Our events also showcase ideas, products, and services that could enhance our member’s businesses.

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The Riverside Group

Riverside helps insurance companies unlock hidden value in existing customer bases.

We were formed in Amsterdam in 2005. Since then, we have delivered outstanding results for dozens of insurance companies across Europe and South America – including many of the industry’s leading players.

Our programmes offer targeted upgrade and cross-sell policies to precisely selected customers – based on Riverside’s unique analytical approach.

We always share the marketing costs with the insurers we work with; often supported by a reinsurance arrangement with our partner, Swiss Re. This means that we can only be successful if you are successful too.

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Yabber Global

Yabber was created to help companies improve standards in compliance and workflow processes, specifically within customer contact centres. Having the knowledge and experience of helping various companies across the finance sector in the UK, Ireland and Europe, we designed and built our own technology platform to support our experienced team of contact centre professionals.

The Yabber team have the history and experience of running some of the largest customer service teams, including in sales and contact centre environments, across the globe. That experience covers both retail and investment banks, lenders, intermediary markets, insurance, fintech, travel and utilities.

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