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Bravura Solutions

At Bravura, software is at the heart of everything we do. We develop innovative technology solutions that power the world’s leading financial institutions. We are driven by our corporate purpose – to make our customers successful. We do this by developing innovative cutting-edge software solutions that become the vital administration engine powering businesses across the wealth management and funds administration sectors.

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Association of Investment Marketers

The Association of Investment Marketers is designed to provide a dedicated learning and networking environment for marketers within investment management. At White Marble we recognised that whilst there is a wealth of training and development available for marketers, very little is focused on marketing within investment management.

Such is the complexity of our market, we developed The Association of Investment Marketers to provide dedicated learning through courses, networking and content to assist with the continued development of marketers within the Investment industry.

All courses within The Association of Investment Marketers are endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and deliver dedicated learning environments and a networking platform for marketers, at every stage of their career

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Metrologis is a ground-breaking benchmarking tool, providing digital ranking and insights for investment managers, alongside access to peer group analytics across your digital footprint and market intelligence.

Measuring marketing is hard. Knowing how you are performing against your peer group and where the opportunities lie to improve, can only be achieved by joining and sharing data.

Metrologis enables marketers to benchmark the effectiveness of their digital marketing against key competitor and industry averages. Marketers often resort to using their company’s own past performance, or retrospective and generic sector benchmarks, when assessing their marketing performance.

Metrologis creates an opportunity for marketers to review their current digital marketing performance and directly compare it to the performance of their industry peers.

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