Chat Benchmarks in the Insurance Industry

by | 9 Apr 2021 | Insurance

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Today, 80% of insurance customers would use digital channel options for different tasks and transactions. Meanwhile, the share of digitally active insurance customers has increased more than 60% in the last four years.

The insurance industry is transforming, with more and more consumers accessing and engaging with their insurance providers online. It is against this backdrop that live chat software is soaring.

But simply tacking a live chat option onto your insurance website is not enough to impress your digital audience. Chat is a key strategic cornerstone for modern insurance comms, and should be implemented with due consideration.

With that in mind, we’ve conducted a chat benchmarks study comparing two of our insurance customers. It focuses on two implementation approaches: quick chat self-deployment versus a planned, consultative chat project.

As you will see, those different approaches lead to divergent results.


When implementing a new customer service channel, it is essential to get it right. So, we’ve conducted some sector-specific research to help you make the best possible decision on live chat adoption.

Using real examples and experiences, this data explores the journey of two WhosOn customers in the insurance industry. We invite you to use our findings to inform your chat deployment.

All data has been collated from Jan 2019-Jan 2020, for a recent sample from real insurance providers. Backing this recent data is over 15 years of live chat experience from the Parker Software team.

The key thing to understand when implementing any customer service tool is that the technology itself only forms part of the solution. The biggest impact to improving CSAT and NPS comes from having effective implementation, along with subsequent reviews of this implementation, to ensure that the opportunity to engage with your customers is being optimised.

There are also other variables to consider which affect customer satisfaction, which live chat has no control over. For your reference and consideration, we have highlighted these variables in each section of the document.

Click here to download the WhosOn Insurance Benchmarks white paper in PDF format.

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