Customer Journey Orchestration and Real-Time Interaction Management in Financial Services

Customer journey orchestration is ultimately about delivering great customer experiences and building engagement. Whatever form that takes at your business, it requires an omnichannel approach, creating more individualised experiences, and empowering employees with analytics and insights, across the entire customer lifecycle.

Businesses use Customer Journey Orchestration as the root to achieve customer engagement. It allows them to listen to customers, understand their needs and desires, decide on the next best conversation, and act in real-time regardless of touchpoint.

We’ll tell you how this can be used by Financial Services brands through a series of lessons, case studies and tech demonstrations

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Lesson 1:

Why Customer Journey Orchestration is Important to Financial Services

Lesson 2:

Customer Journey Orchestration and Real-Time Interaction Management Live in Action

Lesson 3:

Core Principles Required to Build and Deliver your Customer Engagement Strategy

Lesson 4:

Adding a deeper level of journey intelligence to Financial Services using analysis and AI


Victoria Hamilton, Client Engagement Director, Thunderhead

Victoria’s career in customer and people experience spans 20 years across multiple industry sectors with market leading brands including John Lewis, HSBC, O2, Accenture – and most recently as Client Engagement Director Thunderhead, the global leader in customer journey orchestration and real time interaction management.

Victoria works with new potential clients in the early stages of engagement to understand strategic drivers and customer experience priorities to ensure alignment with the Thunderhead One platform to ensure early value realisation. Victoria works on a global basis supporting client engagements across all industry verticals, meaning she has a rich and varied insight into different customer and people experience strategies, and a clear appreciation of best practice.

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