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Delivering a Chatbot Project in Financial Services

Chatbots not only allow your financial service customers to manage requests in a faster and more efficient way, but they also act as a listening channel from which you can better understand their requirements.

The rise of AI chatbots in the financial industry indicates just how quickly the business landscape is changing even in traditionally conservative areas.

In this series of short lessons, you’ll receive a complete understanding of the process for delivering a successful chatbot project in financial services. From estimating the ROI for the project, through developing a roadmap for delivery, and measuring effectiveness.

Lead Tutor

Jacob Lucas, ubisend

Jacob Lucas, Ubisend

Jacob has extensive experience working with chatbots and regularly creates a range of educational chatbot content, from online courses to written and video guides. Based on his marketing background, Jacob’s main focus lies in ensuring company goals and customer requirements are met through automation.

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