Developing Marketing Operations in Financial Services

by | 24 Mar 2021 | Management

Financial service companies are developing a new structure for a modern marketing team. It includes marketers with the traditional skills such as strategic and creative thinking, alongside more operational, data-driven expertise.

At one time, artificial intelligence, customer journey orchestration, and voice search engine optimisation were ambitious concepts. Today, these innovative digital marketing tools are priorities for many financial service organisations.

Directing multiple channels, running integrated campaigns, and operating third-party tech platforms make the modern marketing processes complex and difficult to manage.

And fast-paced digitalisation is changing consumer behaviours and the way they interact with businesses. Marketers need to constantly adapt.

Meeting the challenge

In response, many large financial service providers have developed the Marketing Operations roll, supporting the CMO to build a foundation for excellence, reinforcing marketing strategy with metrics, process, infrastructure, and best practice.

And enlightened marketers at smaller organisations are starting to embed marketing operations into their DNA.

By creating a culture of marketing accountability, encouraging streamlined processes, and implementing the right software solutions, the CMO is converting every staff member into a marketing operations disciple.

These CMOs are breaking down traditional barriers between functions and introducing the departmental relationships required for success.

A strong marketing operations mindset can become the nucleus of the company, where people, processes, metrics and goals are brought into alignment. It can achieve measurable and trackable ROI and lead to improved marketing effectiveness.

Do you have a Marketing Operations role in your financial service organisation? Are you developing the role in your team? Or maybe you feel operations has always been present in your marketing DNA. We would be delighted to get your views.

Please join our FSMarTech community and embed marketing operations into your DNA.

Photo by Myriam Jessier on Unsplash

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