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DOT-Consulting helps organisations optimise existing digital operations, while setting the vision and strategy for transformation. Working back from the functional and emotional needs of target audiences, we ensure that products and services are defined, delivered and maintained to maximise their performance against business objectives, while reducing costs and honing operational efficiency. Investing in the right technologies and selecting the right partners, is only one piece of the puzzle; we also help you cultivate the right skills, processes and culture to realise the best possible ROI and profitability.

James and his team were our trusted partners in the delivery of a business critical project. James was able to cut through the noise, and give ‘proper’ insights. He helped us to find an optimum solution and to get there quickly. It was a genuine pleasure working with him.

Maeve Jackson

Marketing & Business Development Director, Farrer & Co.

James’ approach is diligent and always thoughtful. He helped to bring clarity to the projects we worked together on by taking a holistic view of what we were trying to achieve as a business, and what the evidence was saying our customers wanted to achieve. Taking an end-to-end view, James did a great job in holding us to a customer-focus, in the face of the usual internal politics. He really takes time to understand your business and its quirks.
He’s an easy person to work with, which makes it all the more fun and productive.

James Murphy

Global Communications Director, RICS

James Scott

James Scott

Founder and Principal Consultant, Dot-Consulting

Though many businesses may have adjusted their aspirations from “thriving” to “surviving” recently, it’s clear that to achieve either, digital operations and experiences have a more important role to play than ever before.
But buying technology alone is a false economy.
We can help you get the most out of your investment in digital maturity, through customer-centric service design, operating model development and cultural evolution.


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