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Improve your client retention by 16% in just three months. Introducing Retain, by Eligible. A dedicated mortgage retention solution that helps you write more business and save time. We contact your clients at the right time automatically. Reduce time spent chasing clients to stay on top of their product needs.

Delighting and retaining clients has always been at the very heart of the business I’ve run. Retain helps automate and improve so much of what we did manually but in an engaging and charming way. I liken it to hunting with a rifle when everyone else us using a shotgun!

Peter Rollings

Chief Executive Officer, Marsh & Parsons

Retain is entirely unique; we’ve not seen anything like it. The mortgage world is playing catch-up, and now we’re at a point where we’re trying to join the technology revolution. We see Retain at the front of this tech revolution; it’s the future of mortgages.

George Papoulias

Director, Vesta Mortgages

Case Studies & Insight

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Tech supports businesses and individuals to grow and keep their operations running smoothly. In light of recent events, it’s now more important than ever that firms are open-minded to tech and understand the value it can deliver to process and operations, especially during crisis.

Coronavirus has disrupted the entire globe, with many countries closing their borders in a bid to stop additional outbreaks.

The BOE introduced a rate cut off 0.5% in a bid to protect the economy throughout Covid-19 uncertainty.

Many UK businesses have asked employees to work from home, in quarantine avoiding human contact to help contain the spread.

What do you do when your business is programmed to meet your clients face-to-face? What does this mean for mortgage brokers?

Borrowers understand the value of face-to-face meetings and real vs robo advice, However, what can mortgage brokers do when coronavirus is disrupting their primary sales channel?

We’ve got 19 ways tech supports brokers to communicate with clients through Covid-19.

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We’ve been scouring the internet for brokers to figure out what matters when it comes to a mortgage CRM software.

We’ve pulled together a checklist of important factors to consider when choosing a CRM right for your business.

Whether you already have a CRM or not, this checklist will help you think about key features that are important to your broker business.

There are CRMs catered to every industry, searching online for “mortgage CRM” will return hundreds of results for you to mull over. You’ll be thinking, where do I even start?

Start here; we’re here to help.

Your mortgage CRM checklist

We said before, you need to select a CRM that’s right for your business.

So take a look at the list below. These are the things you need to take into account when you’re choosing the right CRM for you:

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Social Media

Social Media Tips for Advisers

Are you using social media to help you win more clients?

Advisers across the UK have turned their focus to digital. Now more than ever, it’s important for firms to understand the value that technology can improve operations and client relationships.

Social media is one of the most powerful platforms that brands can use to promote themselves, with nearly 50% of the world’s population using it.

Social media offers another medium to communicate with their audience and a good source of market research. With 54% claiming to use social media to research products before purchase…

If you’re not doing business on social you could be missing a trick. Used strategically over time, social media can drive new leads to your business, nurture current clients and increase brand advocacy.

Top tips

We’ve got some quick tips to share on how to use social media as part of your marketing strategy to win more mortgage clients.

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Retain automatically keeps clients warm with educational content and alerts about their mortgage. No more chasing clients or missed retention opportunities.


We work directly with you and map to your internal processes. No, integrations or IT resource. Get started with just an excel of client data.


Go to market faster and amplify your brand with your own app for you and your clients. We support your teams and work together to curate content that sounds like you.

Stacey Millard

Stacey Millard

Marketing, Eligible

My role brings together product, design, ops, engineering and sales as a cohesive unit across the entire customer journey to maximise business growth. We’re a small smart team, passionate and committed to our brand, understanding our audience and delivering insight-driven products.

Web: https://eligible.ai/

Email: hello@eligible.ai


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