Why Customer Journey Orchestration is Important to Financial Services

Journey Orchestration is about understanding the entire customer journey. The way customers perceive and interact with you is constantly changing, so understanding context and providing relevant and engagements in real-time, is key to building valuable customer interactions and trust. This customer-centric approach helps you understand each customer’s true intent so you can orchestrate individualised journeys that offer consistent value. By doing this wherever and whenever your customers interact with your brand, you will develop stronger and more valuable customer engagements that drive business growth and boosts loyalty.

Key Learnings:

  1. What is Customer Journey Orchestration?
  2. Why shifting to customer journey orchestration will deliver value to your customer and across the business
  3. The importance of relevant and contextual interactions across the customer lifecycle
  4. Why Journey Orchestration is critical as business operations pivot and optimise digitally
  5. The acceleration towards real-time insights and data and what that means in FS

Supporting Documents: Forrester Journey Orchestration Wave 2020

12 minute video