Martech Sector: Advertising & Promotion


Drive marketing precision with complete campaign data

Best-in-class marketing data management platform to streamline campaign tracking, combine campaign data, and assess campaign performance across all sources in Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.

Tracking Code Creator

Standardize, govern and connect campaign metadata across every team and channel from a single platform.

Create unique tracking codes effortlessly without any spreadsheets
Gain 360-degree campaign insights with enriched tracking and consistent naming conventions
Deliver accurate reports based on cleaned and readily accessible campaign data

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The AI Platform That Creates High Performing Ads. Using AI-powered creative analysis, we’ll help you create ads that convert.

Our technology learns what creative and copy attracts and converts your audience. No guessing, no endless A/B testing. Just three simple steps to the most effective ad campaigns.

As soon as you connect our AI software to your digital ad account, we analyse every pixel, and every phrase of your historical ad campaigns. This helps us form creative recommendations to lead to increased performance with your audience.

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The Future of Mobile Advertising.

Programmatic advertising with a leading mobile display network.

Home to the most comprehensive mobile strategy solutions and ad campaign optimization technologies on the market to provide user acquisition for your financial services via in-app and mobile version of your products.

Our solution:

Demand side platform (DSP) for programmatic media buying: Our Programmatic DSP is engineered for growth, quality and brand safety. With access to 500K+ in-app and web publishers and over 14 mobile ad marketplaces, our Demand Side Platform has been built to identify the most valuable audiences for your business.

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Opteo helps AdWords professionals manage and optimize their AdWords accounts. Our mission is simple: build things that improve the day-to-day experiences of AdWords users around the world.

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We make it simply powerful. Powerful technology that’s simple to use—that’s our big secret. Tech that creates actionable insights and recommendations rather than just reports. Tech that shows you a single comprehensive view and a fuller picture of your customer. Tech that makes it easy to craft complex consumer experiences.

At Acoustic, we’re reimagining marketing technology. It’s too important not to. When the complexities are hidden and the right tools are in place, you’ll free your inner marketer and indulge your wildest strategies.

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