Martech Sector: Commerce & Sales


Financial services partnership management
With advanced technology, industry-leading compliance capabilities, and renowned security, Partnerize simplifies partnership marketing and maintains brand safety for financial services, made complete with BrandVerity protection.

Drive profitable growth through credible partners for your financial services program.
Discover empowers financial services to automate and scale partnerships by serving relevant and credible partner recommendations. Alternatively, identify and vet right-fit partners with search and filter functionality in platform–and beyond.

Flexible commission options to meet specific needs of finance marketers.
Partnerize enables you to commission on any variable of your program including lead capture, application approval, funding, first use stages or multiple stages and more. Partnerize makes getting better results from financial service partnership management easier.

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Making CRM Smarter with AI

CRM software has created plenty of operational efficiencies, helping sales teams navigate customers through the entire lifecycle, from sales lead to company advocate. Tommy Stewart, Chief Revenue Office at Aible, explains how the pandemic has changed the sales world and why adding artificial intelligence to your CRM is now essential to maximise ROI.

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