Martech Sector: Data


Drive marketing precision with complete campaign data

Best-in-class marketing data management platform to streamline campaign tracking, combine campaign data, and assess campaign performance across all sources in Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.

Tracking Code Creator

Standardize, govern and connect campaign metadata across every team and channel from a single platform.

Create unique tracking codes effortlessly without any spreadsheets
Gain 360-degree campaign insights with enriched tracking and consistent naming conventions
Deliver accurate reports based on cleaned and readily accessible campaign data

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It has proven to be difficult to effectively access and leverage data in financial services due to aging on-premise legacy systems, the inability to securely access critical third-party data hamper modernization, strict regulatory compliance, and growth in security concerns.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud eliminates data silos so you can access virtually all your data in a single, globally-available cloud platform. As a result, you can transform your financial institution through data. Securely share live, governed data from multiple on-premise and cloud based systems, across lines of business, subsidiaries and with partners, make data-driven decisions, while meeting compliance and regulatory objectives.

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We’re bridging the gaps between brands and technology by streamlining strategy and execution in Audience Marketing, Marketing Automation and Customer Care for a better customer experience.

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