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Parker Software

The specialist UK software house that serves the Fortune 500s

Parker Software is a live chat and business automation leader. Across the 6 continents in which we deliver solutions, a Parker Software product is used once every second.

These clever products – WhosOn and ThinkAutomation – lead the market in their respective niches. Today, WhosOn powers 25 million chats per year. ThinkAutomation parses 5 billion emails per year. And that’s only scratching the surface of the features these products offer.

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Limetropy helps you create a better customer experience. It’s technology to listen, co-create and identify improvements to achieve better outcomes for all.

Limetropy brings customers closer to your business. Give them a voice. Gather their experience feedback and empower customers to co-create better ideas, products and services. Maybe you should stop calling them just customers and start calling them co-workers.

Limetropy creates an entire intelligence ecosystem around your business. We rock in customer experience. That’s why our technology brings you everything you always asked for.

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