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ProFundCom is the leading digital marketing platform in finance, built to exacting compliance and security standards. With over 15 years in the industry, ProFundCom delivers unrivalled digital marketing reporting and analytics. ProFundCom currently works with over 45 retail and institutional fund providers, boutiques and private banks around the globe. ProFundCom was founded in 2003 by Paul Das and Charles Barnick, with the aim of providing a compliant digital marketing platform exclusively for financial services. From the very beginning, the platform was created with deep readership analysis and has now evolved to extend across all digital channels – email, website and social media. Today, the ProFundCom platform proactively helps to identify opportunities to raise and preserve AuM by giving sales and marketing teams the insights to know where to focus, who to contact and how to make the most of time and resources. With offices in London, New York, Geneva and Bangalore, we work with retail and institutional fund providers, boutiques and private banks on a global basis. Dedication and continuous investment goes into building the leading digital marketing platform for the finance sector.


The ProFundCom Charitable Foundation is the charitable-giving organisation of ProFundCom Ltd. The foundation seeks to promote excellence in three programme areas: sport, sporting facilities, and coaching. The grant programme primarily focuses on the UK but it has a particular interest in helping to create or sustain models of excellence that have the potential to be replicated elsewhere and may therefore be of more general benefit to the nation.

Grants historically have also been given to requests that have not matched this criteria. The foundation is inspired by the book Tuesdays with Morrie.

The foundation was established in 2005 when the assets of an existing foundation were divided. Thus far, it has awarded over 25 grants and has paid or pledged a total of almost £675,000.


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How Should You Be Collecting Data and Matching Funds to Prospects?

What digital channels should you be focusing on and how can you effectively gather the resulting engagement data? How can you easily identify investors and prospects? What content should you be delivering to improve the investor journey?

Five Ways to Raise AuM Using Data Science in Your Digital Marketing

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Case Studies & Insight

How Data Can Help you Raise AuM

Data science is something that everyone in fund marketing must understand and use, as it represents the future of the sector.

Pretty much the whole investor journey, from initial awareness right through to sales and customer retention, is now digital. And – whether you realise it or not – data science is already at work in tracking and automating this journey.

At every stage of the journey there are digital touchpoints – opening, clicking, liking, etc – where you can see what a prospect or existing investor is doing. And data science can track and use this information to guide your interactions and increase the likelihood of raising and retaining AuM.

But in all too many cases the potential of data science is not realised, as it is only asked to produce generic statistics, such as open rates.

Data science can go much further than that to reveal deeper, more important information that gives marketing teams the ability to align more closely with sales and demonstrate ROI.

And while a lot of jargon and perceived complexity surrounds data science, the basic principles underlying it are not actually that complicated.

What exactly is data science? How do you use it to boost your sales figures?

Why Has The Investor Journey Become Non–Linear?

There is no longer a linear investor journey in the digital age. Whereas once it went, basically, from first contact, to meeting with a relationship manager, to sale – now the journey is all over the place, with various digital touchpoints along the way.

You now connect with a prospect in multiple different ways and across multiple different channels in the lead to a sale. More often than not, the first step is an introduction to your firm through some form of thought leadership content. Whereas once it was performance that caught the eye, it is now pertinent and intelligent insight into sector-specific topics that are an initial attraction for a potential investor.

From there, the next logical step on the journey is a visit to your website – where you should have more thought leadership content available, to further underline your credentials.

From then on, if the job of digital marketing is being done properly, the prospective investor should encounter you everywhere – from emails to social media, to blogs, and press pieces. Even post-sale this process should continue, through digital onboarding, ongoing investment advice, regular account updates and even (if necessary) retention review.


Today, in every sector, the customer experience is more important than ever before.

People want and expect service providers to deliver an experience that addresses their particular needs and solves their problems.

The funds sector is no different. Being able to deliver a quality investor experience is an important facet of running a successful firm.

But in the digital age the experience that people want is one that is primarily digital. As the millennial generation comes of age, the days of relationship managers holding most influence within a firm are waning. Millennials have much more input into their buying decisions and thus rely much less on what a company’s representatives may tell them.

Instead, the funds that find success in the future will be the ones that adopt new strategies for connecting and engaging with prospects digitally. Of course, there will always be a place for human interaction, as few major investment decisions will take place without it, but the process of converting potential investors into actual investors now starts and progresses online.

This means the investor experience has to be good across all your interaction with both prospects and clients. And this can be made easier through the intelligent use of marketing automation. From finding new customers and cultivating relationships, to driving new opportunities and cross-selling to existing clients, the power of automation can help you every step of the way.

But you have to know how to implement and manage it properly. So, this white paper will help you get the best from your investor engagement and unlock the door to getting more from your marketing efforts — from traditional avenues like events to innovative digital experiences — so you can find and nurture prospects, close more sales, and boost AuM.

Download the PDF here: How To Use Marketing Automation To Improve The Investor Experience.

Summary of Features

Email Marketing
Email marketing is still an extremely important part of how you communicate with your prospective and existing investors. Specially designed for financial services, ProFundCom offers a robust email marketing platform that not only ensures your emails are delivered but also provides advanced reporting mechanisms that cannot be provided by generic market players.

Marketing Automation 
ProFundCom specialises in marketing automation for financial services. We provide a flexible approach that integrates with multiple systems and APIs to deliver a holistic view of your digital marketing efforts, whilst focusing on the unique compliance and regulation requirements placed on financial services.

ROI Reporting & Analytics
Assuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing financial services firms. Marketing teams are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the value of marketing campaigns and the impact their work has throughout the entire marketing and sales funnel. ProFundCom’s marketing reporting platform ensures you know how all your campaigns are performing across all your channels.

Paul Das

Paul Das

Managing Director, ProFundCom

Paul is the Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom. Starting the business in 2003, Paul wanted to fulfil a vision to provide digital engagement analytics that would directly benefit sales and marketing processes in financial institutions. This has lead to ProFundCom being totally focused on helping the financial services industry use digital marketing to raise AuM.


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