The State of Webinars: What Marketers Need To Know

by | 15 Mar 2021 | Content & Experience

Webinars are now an integral part of financial services marketing campaigns and communication. When physical meetings aren’t an option, it’s essential to be pushing your webinar efforts forward. But before you can plan for where you’re going, it’s good to be able to see where you stand.

Webinars are also the most powerful way to engage with potential customers. Because they enable companies to easily exercise their thought leadership and increase their brand visibility to audiences all around the world. And when they’re used as a part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, they provide a valuable opportunity to secure the ‘top of funnel’ leads that are critical to future sales opportunities.

Whether we’re doing a fund update or thought leadership on the market, for many of us webinars are a relatively new thing and there is still a lot to learn about how to best set up a team to run them, what formats to use, what to measure and more. TwentyThree runs the State of Webinars Survey annually to get a comprehensive picture of the quickly-maturing webinar world — and then to share the best practices, opportunities and trends that emerge.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • The numbers show that the market has nearly doubled this year with 45% of respondents saying that they are new to webinars as of 2020.
  • 89% of marketers reported an increase in the number of webinars they made in 2020.
  • 51% of marketers expect to spend more on webinars over the next 12 months.

Use this year’s State of Webinars Report to compare your webinar efforts to other organisations’ and make a plan for 2021 and beyond.

If you have any questions about the report or want to learn what steps you can take to professionalise your webinars, just reach out to us.


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