C3 Metrics

C3 Metrics

Acquiring a customer in the financial services business is a balance of first getting them into the funnel, then deploying a blend of persistence and patience.

But, more important than this: first getting the prospect into the funnel.

The window of marketing opportunity in financial services is limited, time sensitive and competitive. The eclipse has a limited window and won’t return again for a long time.

When someone buys a home and moves: they won’t move again for another seven years. When someone has a first born baby, they reorganize their finances, and that first birth only happens once. Getting the prospect into the funnel is key, because the marketer may not get another bite at the apple for many years.

To stay competitive, you need to know the true return on investment (ROI) of every marketing dollar.

With a Cross-Platform Attribution, Marketing Mix or Unified Marketing solution from C3 Metrics, you can now accurately enumerate the ROI of every marketing dollar spent and determine the velocity to revenue of every marketing investment.

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