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Email marketing, well done, is one of the tools with the most ability to impact the profitability of your business.

At Digital Response, we want each and every one of our clients to turn their email and marketing automation program into the leading example in their industry.

We form a TEAM OF EXPERTS in each of the areas that requires a firstclass email marketing and eCRM programs.

We help our clients to OPTIMIZE THE MANAGEMENT of the resources destined to email marketing, integrating it into a CROSS CHANNEL STRATEGY and improving the results with a highly personalized service.

Full Service Email & Marketing Automation Agency


 Email Template Production
Email Operations Support
Modular Email Template Production
Email Campaign Management
Email Template Audit
Automation and personalization at scale
Review and update of HTMLs
Data Integration


HTML developer
Email Campaign Manager
Automation Expert
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist
Marketing Cloud Specialist
Adobe Campaign Specialist

Case Study


CaixaBank, S.A., formerly Criteria CaixaCorp, is a Spanish multinational financial services company. It is Spain’s third largest lender by market value, after Banco Santander and BBVA. CaixaBank has 5,397 branches to serve its 15.8 million customers and has the most extensive branch network in the Spanish market.

• Front-end Layout of Newsletters, Pop-Ups and notifications of the
Mobile App involved in CaixaBank Customer Journeys.
• 3/6 Weekly Journeys with about 15-20 HTML elements (including
newsletters, pop-ups and push notifications) in 2 languages.

We have optimised development times (25% reduction) and
testing based on:
• Modular template development
• Using the builder for fast versioning

Agile Campaign Management System

We deliver a system that allows a large number of email marketing campaigns to be managed in a short time
(last minute) which include many variations (country, language, sector) and personalised content.



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