Headquartered in Singapore with R&D in Central Europe, Meiro is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that unifies all customer and user-based data into one actionable view.

It’s an easy-to-deploy data layer that connects the CRM, DMP, emailing platform, mobile apps, social platforms, IoT, all offline & online customer systems like customer service, lead generation and gives business users across the organization access to valuable information.

Using data such as web IDs, transactional data and opt-in contact information, Meiro’s CDP provides real-time cross-platform user/customer identification which helps to create audiences and distribute your marketing actions right away without the need to involve IT.

Built for Enterprise and specially regulated industries – Meiro offers private installations in either cloud or on-premise as well as a managed solution in every major cloud, everywhere in the world. Meiro integrates online & offline modern and legacy systems, and also creates 1st party cookie repositories to prepare organisations for the ongoing regulation changes in the Ad industry.

With Meiro, it will always be one client – one installation.

Contact: Neil Halliday
Tel: +659 3888 436

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