Website archiving and monitoring solutions for financial services

Capture legally admissible records of your websites, drive compliance costs down and improve efficiency through automation.

Capture website records: Archive records of your websites, every day.

Being able to capture your websites and financial promotion records is key for compliance. With the MirrorWeb platform, you can automate the capture of hundreds of websites easily, meaning you’ll never have to worry about missing records again.

Evidence changes to content: Know what changed and when.

With MirrorWeb, you’re able to quickly identify and evidence changes across your web estate. This has long been a challenge for marketing and compliance teams managing approvals, audits, internal compliance processes and to support regulatory investigations.

Instantly prove compliance: On-demand records that are always available.

With MirrorWeb, you’ll have retrievable records that can be produced in the event of an audit, regulatory investigation or customer complaint. Accurate, on-demand copies are key to in responding quickly and minimising compliance risk.

Web: https://www.mirrorweb.com/
Tel: 0800 222 9200

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