Moovs Digital

Moovs Digital

Craft the perfect learning journey for your sales team with premium interactive content.

Moovs Digital is an immersive digital agency, which delivers creative and innovative solutions to allow our partners to increase their commercial global success and to resolve the new business reality and challenges.

Our passion is to reshape the digital learning and retail space with our state-of-the-art e-Learning and 360° digital store experience and to distribute the prime quality content we create in partnership with our clients. Since our launch in 2005 we’ve acquired broad knowledge, enabling us to create meaningful and scalable learning for all types of learners and digital store experiences to attract and engage customers without having the limitations of the real world.

Our 3 main service pillars are:

• 360° phygital experiences (our hero product now)
• Immersive media solutions: AR & VR
• E-learning & content development

Contact: Szilvia Udvarnoki

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