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Parker Software is a live chat and business automation leader. Across the 6 continents in which we deliver solutions, a Parker Software product is used once every second.

These clever products – WhosOn and ThinkAutomation – lead the market in their respective niches. Today, WhosOn powers 25 million chats per year. ThinkAutomation parses 5 billion emails per year. And that’s only scratching the surface of the features these products offer.

So, meet our solutions.

WhosOn Live Chat & AI


WhosOn offers high-security live chat software for regulated industry. The product incorporates a sophisticated range of features: from chatbots to translation to AI-infused conversational automation. All designed for compliance, and all highly customisable as standard.

See our detailed product listing for WhosOn here.



ThinkAutomation is a powerful business process automation platform offering limitless processing, limitless automations. You get an open-ended studio to build any and every automated workflow you could ever need. All without volume limitations, and all without paying per process, licence or ‘robot’.

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