It has proven to be difficult to effectively access and leverage data in financial services due to aging on-premise legacy systems, the inability to securely access critical third-party data hamper modernization, strict regulatory compliance, and growth in security concerns.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud eliminates data silos so you can access virtually all your data in a single, globally-available cloud platform. As a result, you can transform your financial institution through data. Securely share live, governed data from multiple on-premise and cloud based systems, across lines of business, subsidiaries and with partners, make data-driven decisions, while meeting compliance and regulatory objectives.

Deliver Personalized Experiences
Personalize omnichannel experiences, use real-time insights from all your data to create 360-degree views, enhance your financial products and truly personalize what your customers, investors, and partners want in that moment, while ensuring that their most sensitive data is safe.

Power optimization and data-driven decisions
Empower with timely, comprehensive, and secure access to data. Optimize the performance of data models and automate processes with a platform for data science that supports your AI and ML initiatives.

Strengthen risk management and compliance
Use insights to combat fraud, increase security and mitigate operational risk in real time. Capitalize on Snowflake’s built-in security features such as end-to-end encryption for data at rest and in transit to protect your most valuable business asset.


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