Wealth Management: Who is Winning at SEO?

by | 10 Nov 2020 | PBWM, Social & Relationships

Wealth Management SEO

During my career I have worked in a variety of business sectors. Each presents unique challenges and nuances, nowhere more so than the financial world. Which is why this report focuses on wealth management marketing and its specific challenges.

Marketing in the wealth management niche must overcome obstacles such as red tape & compliance, and ever-changing rules & regulations, before even thinking about how to engage with the elusive target audience of ‘high net worth’ consumers.

This is compounded by occasionally dry subject matter, a reliance on jargon and a higher barrier-to-entry than most financial products. It is an industry riddled with challenges.

That also means there is a wonderful opportunity available for anyone willing to take it.

To demonstrate this opportunity, Receptional has conducted this search market landscape analysis.

A customer-centric approach to search strategy

Our research indicates there are almost endless variations of finance-related keywords, which poses a question for marketers: how do you target the “right” keywords searched for by the “right” customers?

The headlines:

  • There are several thousand keywords in the wealth management’s space
  • The portfolio of 3,600 wealth management keywords we focused on receives nearly 343K searches a month
  • The astonishing depth and variety of many keywords means there is a need to be highly targeted in your search campaigns to get in front of the right customers

Genuine wealth management prospects are at the heart of our analysis. We want our insights to be used to attract new business, so we’ve pre-qualified the keywords in the report based on clear search intent. We hope this report inspires positive action as there is a clear opportunity for wealth managers to be “investing” in SEO & Content Marketing.

To compile this report, Receptional has undertaken extensive primary research. We identified the key questions that a high net worth individual might ask when searching for expertise in this space. We then analysed how the biggest players in this market perform against these keywords, and why (see right for firms we looked at).

This report summarises our findings and reveals:

  • The biggest winners and losers in the wealth management space in terms of driving higher volumes of high-quality traffic
  • What the winners do well
  • How the poor performers can improve

Click here to download the Receptional Wealth Management – ebook Nov 2020


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