Why Are We Still Talking About Data Silos?

by | 8 Feb 2021 | Data

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Data silos – a regular topic of conversation at events or articles we published almost two decades ago.

Back then, the reasons for those silos would be more geographical, with different locations or departments compartmentalising their data. Limited technology would mean systems and software working in isolation.

These days, the sheer volume of first-, second-, and third-party data and the myriad of sources from which it’s generated, mean that data silos remain a key issue in delivering a data strategy.

Are you struggling to bring data together? Are you manually integrating siloed data to identify your most valuable customers?

Help is at hand.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) can help you avoid data silos. By unifying your customer data and your employees, you can be confident your data is accurate and accessible by all.

Last week Apoorv Durga published a handy map of the companies offering CDPs for the financial services sector.  We’ve added them to our directory.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be asking them to share case studies and articles with our community, to improve our understanding of the technology and how it can be used.

In the meantime, in their own words, a little more about each of them.


Collect customer data once through secure APIs and SDKs and connect it to all of your tools with mParticle’s Customer Data Platform. Manage data quality, enforce governance, and drive better customer interactions.


Amperity helps financial brands unify and enrich fragmented customer data scattered across legacy systems and business divisions. Discover how a single view of your most valuable customers across banking, mortgages, brokerages, and credit cards can activate new cross-sell opportunities and foster lasting relationships.


The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform unifies online and offline data to create a Single Customer View and integrate all your marketing channels for optimized marketing and analytics.


Boost revenue, improve LTV, and lower interaction costs by using deep customer data to understand every individual. And to engage them with next-best actions based on their specific places in their unique journeys.


Join 20,000+ businesses that use Segment’s software and APIs to collect, clean, and control their customer data. Segment collects user events from your web & mobile apps and provides a complete data toolkit to every team in your company.


Our Intelligent Engagement Platform is a feature-rich CDP with the most insightful Customer DNA while real-time interaction management enables true one-to-one personalized marketing across every stage of the customer journey.


The ActionIQ Customer Data Platform enables you to align your people, technology, and processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint.


Lemnisk’s Customer Data Platform aggregates customer data from disparate data sources and provides a single customer view for each individual user. This unified view enables marketers to hyper-personalize experiences across preferred customer channels.


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